c500c0eb01eaaec6e6e68cf8b9423f83.jpgAyn Rand
In a world that places the good of society above all else, why is a man with a revolutionary invention that would benefit everyone forced to run for his life?

Before reading the novel: Free Write

For Rand, philosophy is not an esoteric (select, private) subject, but a daily force shaping individual lives and human history. You must have some view of the kind of world you live in, of how best to understand and deal with it, and of what to aim at in life. Your only choice is whether your philosophical premises are acquired by your own independent thinking or absorbed unquestioningly from those around you.

The transition from adolescence to adulthood involves developing a personal identity, a sense of self.
Write a paragraph that describes you and explains what makes you uniquely you. Consider your future goals and dreams; what you value in a friend; favorite pets; preferred sports and hobbies; best-loved music, literature, movies, etc.

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Reading Schedule
Due Date
Chapter 1
Wednesday 11/12
Chapter 2
Thursday 11/13
Chapter 3
Friday 11/14
Chapter 4
Friday 11/14
Chapter 5
Wednesday 11/19
Chapter 6
Wednesday 11/19
Chapter 7
Friday 11/21
Chapter 8
Tuesday 11/25
Chapter 9
Tuesday 11/25
Chapter 10
Wednesday 12/3
Chapter 11
Wednesday 12/3
Chapter 12
Wednesday 12/3

Dark Ages
Power of Language

Select ONE of the following three topics:

  1. In Chapter 8, why does Equality laugh when he remembers that he is "the Damned"?
  2. Aside from very rare exceptions there is literally no opposition to the leaders in this society. Why is this? What ideas must the people in this society have accepted to live a life of obedience, drudgery, and fear?
  3. Why does the Council of Vocations assign Equality the job of street sweeper? Is it due to error, incompetence, or a more sinister motivation? Explain.

Respond to your topic in an essay of FOUR PARAGRAPHS MINIMUM. You will be expected to:
1. Establish your claim regarding the topic
2. Use specific, relevant, and sufficient evidence from Rand’s Anthem.

*Provide at least two pieces of textual evidence per body paragraph

3. Organize your ideas in a cohesive and coherent manner
4. Maintain a formal style of writing
5. Follow the conventions of standard written English

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Discuss the differences between "Anthem" and "Divergent," in regards to the themes of free-will and fate.
Due: 12/22, 200 words