This year you will be required to post your novel choice and author to this wiki. If you are late/fail to do so, you will loose some or all of the allotted points for this assignment. (10 points)

In-Class Literary Analysis:
1. Choose and analyze the three most important literary aspects of your novel (setting/character/imagery/mood/symbolism/tone/irony....)
(30 points)

2. Identify a prevalent THEME in your novel and explain how it is illustrated, using textual evidence.
(20 points)

3. Pose a question to the text's author, the answer to which should go beyond the reading content and does not reflect areas of confusion. *The question should go beyond the students' curiosity about the topic and reveal what they think are the implications of the reading content. *Basically, this demonstrates your understanding of the author's intent and your critical/creative thinking skills.
(30 points)

4. Oral Presentation
(10 points)